Kings Conquered

by Cameron Conyer

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Cameron Conyer's debut EP


released November 26, 2015

All songs written by Cameron Conyer except Kings Conquered written by Cameron Conyer and Jay Gleason.
Drums on Pillars of Smoke and Death March performed by Jade Simonetto and drums on Kings Conquered performed by Dustin Townsend. All vocals, guitars, bass and programming done by Cameron Conyer except the guitar solo on Pillars of Smoke performed by Jay Gleason. Produced, mixed and mastered by Cameron Conyer.



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Cameron Conyer Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Track Name: Pillars of Smoke (featuring Jade Simonetto and Jay Gleason)
The Earth's disease
of flesh a parasite
a disastrous plague
infecting the oceans and soil

Endless wars
scarring the face of the planet
for pointless gain
and power of elites

Their hunger cannot be satisfied
There is no limit to their greed
Fools hiding in their castles
their peasants left to die in filth

Vile self-appointed leaders
Leaches of humanity
They'll lead us into ruin
They'll lead us unto death

Waging war on the innocent
waging war on the poor
Leaving desolation and famine
Leaving Pillars of Smoke

Waging war on the innocent
waging war on the poor
Leaving desolation and famine
Leaving Pillars of Smoke
Track Name: Reset
Chaos running the streets
Fires to the sky
Protests forced into violence
from those who had to die

Cities smashed into ruins
by abandoned clans
You're rule applies no more
Now you understand

This is what you get
You're lack of a state of mind
The end of your legion
The end of your life

Ripped apart by
the ones you betrayed
Slain in public
It's justified
Masses clapping
at your perishing
The world will be better
when you die

Its time to hit the reset
It's time to flush them out
A bought and paid-for government
has sold our future out
Track Name: Death March (featuring Jade Simonetto)
Marching out to the ends of the earth
Mechanizing weaponizing drones that kill
No boundaries to this warfare
Surveillance watching, stomping out insurgents

Kill when I command you
Kill for faceless gods
Destruction blessing a nation
Destruction cleansing their minds

Marching out to the ends of the earth
Bringing plagues, leaving no stone unturned
Hive-minds do their thinking
No vision or thought, just another order to fill

Kill when I command you
Kill for baseless lies
Destruction blessing a nation
Destruction, a planet dies

Worshiping flags of cloth and blood
Washing minds of conscious thought
Blood money reigns King and ruler
Souls worth less than nothing
Track Name: Planets Collide
Everthing, all that exists
On the Earth crushed to dust in an instant
Standing by as Planet X is coming
Say goodbye, take this moment in

Look to the sky as its your final fleeting moment
Atmospheres combine
No escaping the colossal force right above you
Planets Collide

Cataclysm, a message from the others
The universe balancing itself
Take this life not for granted
Value time, you can never get it back

Look to the sky as its your final fleeting moment
Atmospheres combine
No escaping the colossal force right above you
Planets Collide

No rapture
No savior
No redeemer
No deliverer

Standing bright eyed watching this event unfold before me
Covered in light
Shattered planets collapsing on themselves all around me
My final sight
Track Name: Kings Conquered (featuring Dustin Townsend)
Holding the Earth in one hand
Billions of souls abound
Holding calamity at bay
A life no more than a grain of sand
Deities you call as your witness
Have left you empty as your lies
A coward you've proven to be
On this eve of your demise

Lands of wasted promise
Lands of men once proud
They fell to the fire and flames
Their blood spilled for the greed of Kings

Set fire to opression
Crush the hands of corruption
Take back all thats stolen
From the ashes we rise
Track Name: Unholy Powers that Be
Trust not the one who talk of freedom and salvation
They pull your heartstrings and make you all fools
These little lies have covered your eyes so easily

Join me, this is not a dream
Out of the shadows and into the streets
The suits will run in panic and terror
The thieves, the liars, the traitors made known
Strung up by their necks for their atrocities

Embody justice with relentless fire
Tear down their fortress with an iron-fist
There's more of us than there are of them
They'll fail in the end, they'll fall in the end

Wash your hands of the liars
Their corporate goals have no morality
Your so enraged at the black and the poor
When a man in a suit is kicking down your door
This facade you see an endless sharade
Electing leaders, electing gods
Slaves to masters and authority

The unholy powers that Be